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The United Cyprus Movement was a bicommunal virtual organization set-up in 1996 on the Internet to discuss matters of general interest and attempt to inform and recruit Cypriots (both Turkish and Greek) who lived abroad. The software for automating the workings of this virtual community was partly designed and developed by Greek Cypriot Yiannis Laouris and Turkish Cypriot Turgut Durduran. The whole system was hosted in various university servers (USA, Australia), but since 1997 it became a "refugee project" because the expenses rose to a level that the participants couldn’t afford.

The United Cyprus Movement is seen in some respects as the precede of Technology for Peace, which was founded in August 1997 by Laouris and Anastasiou (from the Greek Cypriot side) in coordination with their counterparts in the North, Besimler and {Bekir Azgin|Azgin]], together with other members of what was called at the time, the Technology for Peace Initiative from both communities, and all members of the Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group.