Universitá del terzo Settore

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Università del Terzo Settore
Type private, non governmental, not for profit, training and research organisation.
Legal status 1996
Location Pisa ,Italy
Website UNITS

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation

UNITS - is a private,non governmental,not for profit,training and research organisation.It was born in 1996 on an A.N.P.AS. (one of the biggest Voluntary organisations in Italy: 1.200.000 members, 850 local associations and 100.000 volunteers) project in partnership with Local Authorities, Public Institutions and Private Companies.UNITS aims at strengthening the role and improving the efficiency of the Not-for-profit Sector in Italy through the development of research and high quality training.Some themes the organisation work on are ,Voluntary work Ethics, Social Communication and Service Marketing, Fund raising,Intercultural education and cultural mediation,Outdoor education and training.UNITS has worked and is currently working on many National and European programmes such as, Lifelong learning programme, E.S.F., DAPHNE, Equal Initiative ,Youth in action,Community action in the field and public health.

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