University of Oslo

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University of Oslo
Abbreviation UIO
Location Norway

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in CARDIAC project.

The University of Oslo is Norway’s largest and oldest institution of higher education. It was founded in 1811 when Norway was still under Danish rule. Today the University of Oslo has approximately 30,000 students and 4,600 employees. Four Nobel Prize winners indicates the quality of the research at the University. The Department of Informatics resides under The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Last year, it had approximately 800 bachelor students, 550 master students and 150 PhD students. 250 researchers are working at the institute providing 110 different courses. The institute has research groups in Biomedical Research, Computational Mathematics, Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis, Distributed Multimedia Systems, Global Infrastructures, Logic and Natural Language, Nanoelectronics, Networks and Distributed Systems, Object-orientation, modeling and languages, Precise Modeling and Analysis of Dependable Systems and Robotics and Intelligent Systems.

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