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With FWC 2014
Title Current Associate (psychological support)
Key Project(s) [ Psychological support for asylum seekers and refugees -UNHCR funded project]
Key Interests psychoanalysis, qualitative research
Degree(s) Psychology Degree at the National Kapodistreian University in Athens (1998-2003)
Filed(s) of study write the fiels(s) of study of the associate
University(ies) Kapodistrian University in Athens, King's College London, University of Cyprus
Specialization(s) psychological support
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Relation to Future Worlds Center

Georgia participated in a number of projects such as: Offering psychological support for victims of torture, implementing the project Join the Net (raising awareness among professionals on Post Dramatic Stress Disorder), currently offering psychological support to asylum seekers and refugees.

Georgia completed her Psychology Degree at the National Kapodistreian University in Athens (1998-2003) and then did a post graduate degree on Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addiction at the King’s College-University of London (Psychiatric Institute, 2004-2005)

[Category: Current Associates]]Georgia Nathanail has been working in the sector of psychological support and advice for more than ten years (offering services and applying research programs). She was an external associate of Future Worlds Center (FWC) offering psychological support and counseling in refugees and implementing a specialized project in Post Dramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She was employed with Hope For Children (HFC) offering support and guidance to unaccompanied minors and being responsible for children and teenagers help line. While she was in UK, where she completed her studies in Addictions, she worked as a drug worker for the prison service. She is currently receiving training in Psychoanalysis and she is in the procedure of being recognized as a Clinical Psychologist in Cyprus.