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University Education

Institution Degree Grade Year
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia 2nd Level Master Evaluation and Intervention in cases of child abuse and paedophilia
    Thesis Title “Young people and new technologies: the phenomenon of Cyberbullying”
Final mark: 108 out of 110 2009
University of Bologna Advanced training course of continuing education and life-long learning
  • "The clown at the service of the person"
Final mark 30 out of 30, summa cum laude 2007
University of Bologna Degree in Educational Sciences, Professional Educators
  • Thesis Title “Art Therapy in juvenile delinquency and marginality”
Final mark: 110 out of 110, summa cum laude 2005

Working Experience

Duration Institution Duties
2011 Planning, coordination and management of workshop in schools for teachers, parents and adolescents
  • Topic “Young people and new technologies: risks and opportunities.”
2001 – 2011 Opera dell’Immacolata via Decumana 45/2, Bologna Trainer and educator, at the vocational training centre
    Planning, coordination and management in different projects:
  • Projects of education and social inclusion for adolescents with mental and physical disabilities, or at risk of social exclusion.
  • Training course for young people with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Project assessment of employability regarding adults with physical and mental disabilities.
January-May 2011 I. Siciliani Center of Bologna Educational art workshop of videomaking at the juvenile detention
June-September 2010
    Educator and social worker in the Maya villages in Quintana Roo, Mexico, in collaboration with a Mexican Association, in different area:
  • Socio-educational project for children, adolescents and women for supporting development of Maya’s culture and society
  • Training course for Maya women
  • Shooting of a documentary on the condition of Maya women and family violence
  • Lessons of Italian language and music.
April-September 2009 Hot114 Service - Childhood Emergency, Milano
  • Phone counsellor, case management and project assistant
  • Hotline Hot114, Planning, coordination and management of workshop on cyberbullying, online grooming, online pedoporn
  • Summer 2006-2008 S.A.V, Bologna Coordinator, teacher and educator in a kindergarten
    2002-2007 Educator and tutor at school for adolescence with physical disabilities and mental disorder

    Personal Skills and Competence

    Personal Skills and Competence
    Mother tongue: Italian
    Other language: English Good level (Toefl Certitication), Spanish Good level, LIS (Italian Sign Language)
    Social skills and competence

    Team spirit. Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments. Flexibility, good communication skills.

    Organisational skills and competences

    Excellent organizational skills, ability to work in stressful situations mainly linked to the relationship with the public. Good experience in project and team management. Problem solving. Goal oriented work.

    Technical skills and competences

    Good research and documentation skills

    Computer skills and competences

    Good knowledge of Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7), Microsoft Office, Internet.