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Working Experience

Duration Institution Duties
2011 Planning, coordination and management of workshop in schools for teachers, parents and adolescents
  • Topic “Young people and new technologies: risks and opportunities.”
2001 – 2011 Opera dell’Immacolata via Decumana 45/2, Bologna Trainer and educator, at the vocational training centre
    Planning, coordination and management in different projects:
  • Projects of education and social inclusion for adolescents with mental and physical disabilities, or at risk of social exclusion.
  • Training course for young people with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Project assessment of employability regarding adults with physical and mental disabilities.
January-May 2011 I. Siciliani Center of Bologna Educational art workshop of videomaking at the juvenile detention
June-September 2010
    Educator and social worker in the Maya villages in Quintana Roo, Mexico, in collaboration with a Mexican Association, in different area:
  • Socio-educational project for children, adolescents and women for supporting development of Maya’s culture and society
  • Training course for Maya women
  • Shooting of a documentary on the condition of Maya women and family violence
  • Lessons of Italian language and music.
April-September 2009 Hot114 Service - Childhood Emergency, Milano
  • Phone counsellor, case management and project assistant
  • Hotline Hot114, Planning, coordination and management of workshop on cyberbullying, online grooming, online pedoporn
  • Summer 2006-2008 S.A.V, Bologna Coordinator, teacher and educator in a kindergarten
    2002-2007 Educator and tutor at school for adolescence with physical disabilities and mental disorder