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University Education

Institution Degree Year
Emerson College, United States Graduate Certificate in Publishing 2000-2001
MIT Sloan School of Management Sloan Visiting Fellow 1994-1995
Northeastern University, United States BSc (Mechanical Engineering) 1981-1985

Achievements during Undergraduate Studies

Northeastern University, Class of 1985

  • Completed 5 year Program in 4 years while Co-Founding Decision Support Systems Development Incorporated
  • Baccalaureate of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Focus on Thermodynamical Systems
  • Completed Pre-Med & Computer Science
  • Faculty Voted Ingersol Rand Award for Seniors for "Academic Performance, Contribution to University Life, and Professional Promise"
  • Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
  • Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineering Honor Society
  • Member, Engineering Council
  • President, American Society of Mechanical Engineering, Student Chapter
  • Leader of the A.S.M.E. Human Powered Vehicle Contest
  • Member of & Choreographer for the N.U. Dance Company

Achievements during Graduate Studies


  • Student in SCHEME: Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs, M.I. T. Department of Computer Science, 1986
  • Reader, MIT-United Technologies Corporation Industrial Liaison Program 1985-1995
  • Sloan Visiting Fellow, 1994-95, Sloan School at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1994-95
  • Interpretive Structural Modeling with Temporal Modal Logic Inquiring System for the Process Handbook Project, The Center for Coordination Science, M.I.T.
  • Participant in The Management of Technology Program, MIT
  • Participant in the Organizations of the 21st Century Program, MIT

Indiana University

  • Student in SCHEME: Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs at Indiana University - Bloomington, 1989

Boston University,

  • Boston University, Manufacturing Systems Engineering Course, 1992

University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Independent Study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with the Chairman of the National Science Foundation Design Methodology Directorate on Object Oriented & Parametric Design, 1993

Carnegie Mellon

  • Reader, Carnegie Mellon-United Technologies Corporation Industrial Liaison Program 1985-1995

Emerson College

  • Graduate Certificate in Publishing at Emerson College, 2000-2001

Industrial and research centers

  • Reader, Rensalaer-United Technologies Corporation Industrial Liaison Program 1985-1995
  • Numerical Methods Course, Hartford Graduate Center, 1987
  • Flexible Manufaturing Systems, Price Waterhouse, Otis Elevator, 1989
  • Shingujutsu Consultants, Creators of the Toyoto Production System & Total Quality Management, Kaizen Program at Otis Elevator, Bloomington, Indiana, 1990
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design, General Electric, at The United Technologies Research Center, 1993
  • Interpretive Structural Modeling, at Ford Motor Company, 1993-95
  • National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, Rapid Response Manufacturing, Advanced Technology Program in the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Participant in The International Conference on Enterprise Integration Modeling Technologies, Online, 1992-94
  • Schlaer-Mellor Real Time Analysis System taught at he United Technologies Research Center, 1993
  • Rapid Prototyping Program at United Technologies Research Center, 1992-94

Membership in Associations

Membership in Professional Societies and Associations

Organization Years
Senior Research Associate of Future Worlds Center 2008-present
Member of the Commonwealth Corps, The Revolving Museum 2010
Director of Research of Massachusetts Office of Dispute Resolution and Public Collaboration 2006-2007
Chief Process Scientist of CWA Ltd. 1998-2001
Director of Medical Diagnostic Decision Support Systems of Molecules to Market 1995-1998
Co-Founder of Decision Support Systems Inc., Optionware 1981-85

Teaching Experience

Year University Course Duration
XXXX University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Creative Economy Stakeholders XXXX
XXXX University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Multiple Attribute Decision Making for MBAs XXXX
XXXX University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Large Group Design / Decision Support XXXX
XXXX University of Massacusetts Boston Large Group Collaborative Design: Managing Complexity XXXX

Key Publications

  1. Application of the Structured Dialogic Design Process to Examining Economic Integration and Free Trade in Cyprus, Y. Laouris, T Taraszow, M Damdelen, I Dagli, D Beyatlı, A Karayiannis, K Dye, A Christakis, Action Learning and Action Research Journal, 21 (1) 11-52, 2015
  2. Co-laboratories of Democracy: Best Choices for Designing Sustainable Futures, Y Laouris, K Dye, M Michaelides, and AN Christakis, in: G.S. Metcalf (ed.), Social Systems and Design, Translational Systems Sciences 1, DOI 10.1007/978-4-431-54478-4_7, Springer Japan. 175-193, 2014
  3. Collaborative foresight: Complementing long-horizon strategic planning K Weigand, T Flanagan, K Dye, P Jones - Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2013
  4. Democracy in Practice: Lessons from New England M Palihapitiya, K Dye - 2008
  5. The Cogniscope™ Lessons Learned in the Arena AN Christakis, K Dye - Dialogue as a Collective Means of Design …, 2008
  6. Photo-induced Copolymer Functionalized Substrates, J WARNER, A CANNON, K DYE - WO Patent 2,007,139,810, 2007
  7. Bacteriostatic polymer film immobilization RF El‐Hayek, K Dye, JC Warner - Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 2006, 79 (4), 874-881
  8. Research-Informed Models for Communicating the Value of Court-Connected Alternative Dispute Resolution for Public Funding K Dye - 2006
  9. Green chemistry JC Warner, AS Cannon, KM Dye - Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 2004, 24 (7), 775-799
  10. Collaboration through communicative action: Resolving the systems dilemma through the cogniscope AN Christakis, KM Dye - Systems: Journal of Transdisciplinary Systems …, 1999, 4 (1), 9-32
  11. Lessons Learned from Five Years of Application of the CogniScope™ Approach to the Food and Drug Administration KM Dye, DS Conaway - CWA Ltd. Report, 1999