XPRO Consulting Limited (XPRO)

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XPRO Consulting Limited
Abbreviation XPRO
Location Cyprus
Website Official Website

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in MARINA project.

The XPRO Consulting limited is an independent SME incorporated in Cyprus since 2003. XPRO Consulting’s expertise lies in the areas of business strategy formulation, knowledge management systems, knowledge dissemination, change management and training. XPRO consults mainly SMEs in innovation issues and product market launching. XPRO Consulting focuses in environmental (water, waste), pharmaceutical and biotechnology improvement and innovation actions. Its research interests focus on SME innovation process improvements and the determinants of knowledge management. XPRO has participated in three EU-projects related to water management and a COST action on interdisciplinary issues related to urban societal challenges. XPRO’s proficiency is multidisciplinary, multinational and multilingual.

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