Youth! Envisage and design your ideal future!

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The project “Youth! Envisage and design your ideal future!” will capitalize on the benefits of the structured democratic dialogue process to examine the reasons that youth refuse to cooperate with modern world’s system. In addition, through this process, youth will explain how they envision an ideal world to function and thus propose and design their ideal future. This project falls under the objectives of the Danish Presidency in first semester of 2012. Although the questionaires of Danish Presidency will already been completed by the time this project is implement, we strongly believe that the topic of this seminar is very important for the emerging 21st century society. It is going to be a national project, aiming to give results on local level. It will last 3 months and will include a 5 days face-to-face meeting in combination with virtual pre- and post event interactions. It will take place in Pafos and will engage young people of Cyprus from all walks of life (including disadvantaged, unemployed, highly educated, and engaged), politicians and other stakeholders.

Formal Project Description
Contract Title Youth! Envisage and design your ideal future!
Project Acronym Youth envisage and design their ideal future
Agreement n° CY-51-06-2011-R5
Partners Future Worlds Center
Countries of the action Cyprus
Cost of Action €15.999,84
Grant €15.999,84
Cost for FWC €15.999,84
Grant for FWC €15.999,84
Dates 01/03/2012 - 31/08/2008

About Project Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1)
Overall objective(s)
  • Create an online platform for the collection and exchange of views of young people regarding the concept of active citizenship
  • Actively engage youth in developing
Specific objective(s)
  • a Joint Vision of a European youth environment based on the concepts of active citizenship
  • a Joint Action Plan towards an increased youth participation
Expected Results
  • Web-based portal and website;
  • Joint Action Plans and Vision Maps for the political empowerment and participation of youth;
  • Joint Declaration on Citizenship and Participation, submitted to local, regional, national and EU authorities;
  • CD and Booklet