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Youth Forum Eye
Abbreviation YFE
Type non-profit organisation
Location FYR Macedonia

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in Everybody’s Song project.

Youth Forum EYE (YFE) is a dynamic organisation of young people who are interested in improving the multiethnic and open society in FYR Macedonia. We support international youth exchange programmes, which we believe will improve the integration with European values. We aim to inspire and help positive social and economic changes, and we are dedicated toward the efficient realisation of those ideas.
Youth Forum EYE realises its activities through several programmes:

  • Civil society and democracy development
  • Multiethnic society building
  • Public administration and local government development (youth participation)
  • Cross-border cooperation
  • International Youth Exchanges
  • Thematic areas

The majority of the activities promoted by Youth Forum EYE refer to three main areas:

  • non-formal education for young people through inter-cultural learning and international youth mobility activities
  • youth exchanges and national, European and international voluntary youth service
  • the development of consciousness of European citizenship and dimension through programmes and projects developed for the empowerment of young people


Youth Forum EYE was formed in June 2001 but has been working as a non-formal group since 1998. It was founded by a group of individuals, many of whom study business, law, computer engineering, etc. Since that time, Youth Forum EYE statutory goals have been followed with ever growing success. Although there is no maximum age limit to participate in Youth Forum EYE activities, we work mainly with young people 16 to 28 years of age. The majority of them are students. We have organised the national strategy development meeting in FYR Macedonia for working with the YOUTH programme; together with the Macedonian Agency for Youth and Sports, supported by SALTO-YOUTH South East Europe resource centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We participated in the development of the National strategy for youth in FYR Macedonia. We are cooperating with the sector for European Integration in the development of programmes supporting young people and volunteerism in our country. Since September 2005 we have been working as “Official contact point for the YOUTH programme of the European Commission” in FYR Macedonia.

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