Maria Georgiou

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Maria Georgiou
Maria Georgiou
With FWC April 2012 - February 2017
Title Project Coordinator
Key Project(s) Act Beyond Borders
European film club pilots
Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (UNDEF)
Reinvent democracy (YiA 1.3)
Youth of the world!
Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era
Let's get active!
Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1)
Key Interests Global Education, Sustainable Development, Organizational Behaviour
Degree(s) MSc in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
BSc in Sociology
Filed(s) of study Strategic Planning and Design
University(ies) Cyprus International Institute of Management
Panteion University
Notable Achievements to be..

With Future Worlds Center

Ms. Maria Georgiou joined Future Worlds Center first as an intern for both the New Media Lab and the Global Education Unit and then in April 2012 as a Project Coordinator for several projects within the Global Education Unit. She currently serves as the project coordinator for Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (UNDEF), Youth of the world! and Let's get active!. At the same time she supports the coordination of the European film club pilots project in Cyprus.

In the past she coordinated the EIDHR co-funded project Act Beyond Borders. Her role included organizing international workshops, panel discussions, conferences and capacity building trainings in Israel, West Bank and Cyprus. Prior to that, Maria was responsible for the coordination of the Youth in Action project Reinvent democracy (YiA 1.3) and has supported the FWC team to implement projects such as Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1), VET PROJECTS, and Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era. In addition, Maria has served as a safer Internet Helpline operator for the CyberEthics GIII: Island-wide combined Safer Internet Awareness Node, Hotline, Helpline project during 2012-2013.

Short Bio

Maria has a BSc in Sociology from Panteion University, Greece and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour from the Cyprus International Institute of Management, Cyprus. During her studies, she worked as an intern for NGOs in Greece and participated in trainings and seminars on team-building and communication.

Maria is a contributing editor to a number of printed and online publications. She has written articles on organisational behavior and strategic planning and has covered multiple start-up stories.

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