Norma Romm

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Norma Romm
Norma Romm
Current Post Department of Adult Education and Youth Development at the University of South Africa
Degree(s) D. Litt et Phil degree in Sociology, 1986
University(ies) Conflict Resolution

Norma Romm is an international SDDP pioneers. She has published six books and co-edited books on issues including accountability in social research, social theory and critical systems thinking. Norma has developed a critic about the role of SDDP Facilitators. She has also written a review on Aleco Christakis and Ken Bausch book.

Norma is serving as a Systems Design Mentor for the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era project funded by the UNDEF.

Short Bio

Norma is a professor in the Department of Adult Basic Education and Youth Development, University of South Africa. She is the author of The Methodologies of Positivism and Marxism (Macmillan, 1991), Accountability in Social Research (Springer, 2001), New Racism (Springer, 2010), People’s Education in Theoretical Perspective (with V. McKay, Longman, 1992), Diversity Management (with R. Flood, Wiley, 1996), and Assessment of the Impact of HIV and AIDS in the Informal Economy of Zambia (with V. McKay, ILO, 2008). She has co-edited two books—Social Theory (with M. Sarakinsky, Heinemann, 1994) and Critical Systems Thinking (with R. Flood, Plenum, 1996)—and published more than 95 research articles. She has worked on a range of research projects aimed at increasing equity for organizations such as the ILO, ADEA, IOM, and UNESCO.