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Aleco Christakis
Aleco Christakis
Years of service 1/10/2008-13/10/2015
Service type Past Board member
Member of Advisory Board for Act Beyond Borders
N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees
N.E.T.S. Academic Staff
Field(s) of Study BA in theoretical physics,Ph.D. in theoretical nuclear physics
University(ies) Princeton University, Yale University
Specialization(s) Social scientist, Systems scientist, Cyberneticist
Notable Achievements Co-founder of the science of dialogic design

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Aleco Christakis , PhD has served as Member of the Board between 2008 and October 2015. Aleco has 35 years experience in developing and testing methods for engaging stakeholders in productive dialogue. He is the author of over 100 papers on stakeholder participation, books such as “How People Harness their Collective Wisdom and Power to Create the Future” (2006). He is past President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (2002). He is member of the Board of the Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), Advisor to the AIO and a advisor to the Ambassador’s leadership program for engaging tribal leaders from the USA and internationally. He travels across the globe to facilitate structured dialogues and promote the science of dialogic design.


Christakis has published over 100 papers on the management of complexity in refereed journals. He is also the co-author of three books on "Technology Assessment". Books:

  • Christakis, A. N. (2009). The Talking Point:Creating an Environment for Exploring Complex Meaning. With T.R. Flanangan. Boston, MA: Information Age Publishing.
  • Christakis, A. N. (2006). Co-laboratories of democracy: how people harness their collective wisdom to create the future. With Kenneth C. Bausch. Boston, MA: Information Age Publishing.
  • Christakis, A. N. (2005). Pragmatic Design Dialogue.

Articles and papers, a selection:

  • Christakis, A. N. (1970). "The Predicament of Mankind Quest for Structured Responses for Growing World-wide Complexities and Uncertainties". With co-authors like Hasan Özbekhan, Erich Jantsch, Peccei, ...and others (PDF)
  • Christakis, A. N. (1987). John N. Warfield, and Christakis, A.N. "Dimensionality," Systems Research 4, pp. 127–137
  • Christakis, A. N. (2004). "Retrospective Inquiry of the predicament of menkind prospectus of the Club of Rome"
  • Christakis, A. N. (2009). Interview: Learnings and Vistas based on revisiting 40 years of the "Global Problematique" [2] Interview in Europe'sWorld by Heiner Benking [3], November
  • Christakis, A. N. (2011). Interview: The Predicament of the Individual, Communities, and Humankind in the 21st Century[4] by Heiner Benking [5], September

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