Y2P: Youth Festival 2000

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Project Youth Promoting Peace
Place Pergamos Park Pyla
Date(s) 326 March 2000
Person in charge Yiannis Laouris, Athos Violaris
Type of participants Teenagers
Number of participants 800
Total Duration 1 day

Following the success of the Y2P: Tree Planting 2000 event, the members of the Youth Promoting Peace Group organized a new event with the title Youth Festival 2000. This time they invited other groups such as YEP, Seeds of Peace and SIT to collaborate. These groups were mainly facilitated at the time by Nicos Anastasiou and Sarper Ince. The elected president for Youth Promoting Peace at the time and also assigned as person in charge for the event was Athos Violaris. The event attracted more then 800 participants.

The costs were covered by a sponsorship from CYBER KIDS.