3-day workshop for youth, Nikitari

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3-day workshop for youth
3-day workshop for youth
Project From Local to Global
Place Nikitari, Cyprus
Date(s) 13/07/2011-15/07/2011
Person in charge Nicolina Markidou
Emily Efthivoulou
Charalambos Solonos
Type of participants Youth from 14-18 years old
Number of participants 15 participants
Total Duration 3 hours

The workshop was held at the Youth Centre in Nikitari and took place within the program "From Global to Local" funded by the European Union.

The workshop aims to provide young people of the community the opportunity to better understand global issues (environmental sustainability, social inequality, trade, immigration, etc.) and identify how these are manifested in their community, through a pleasant and interactive way.

During the 3 days the youth had to develop the Millenium Development Goals. They were learning and discusing for the goals through the activities. Then, participants had to choose a global issue identified in the community and then create audio material on this subject, under the guidance of a special instructor. After completing the workshop, the material the participants created is placed on an electronic platform on the internet, for further promotion.

The project “From Local to Global” aims to foster mobilization about the MDGs in Lithuanian and Cypriot society with a focus on rural communities in both of these countries. As part of the project, workshops have been conducted in three rural communities in each countries, aiming at empowering young people to identify key issues on the local level and take an active role in their communities.