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From Local To Global
Contract Title From Local to Global: Local Citizens Contributing To EU Global Policies
Contract Number 509378-EFC-1-2010-1-LT-EFC-CSP
Funding Period 01/10/2010 - 30/09/2011
Funding Agency European Commission, Europe for Citizens programme, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Total Cost € 91,501.00
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Overall Objective

The project is developed to achieve 2 objectives. The first objective is dedicated to production and realization of information campaigns by developing different types of materials for raising awareness on global issues of EU interest in rural communities in Lithuania and Cyprus. This objective will be achieved with the help of 3 activities:

1) Development of scenarios;

2)Production of the materials;

3) Realisation of the information campaigns.

The second objective of the project is to raise an international debate on the role of rural communities in supporting and supplementing EU external policies with new ideas and actions. This objective will be achieved through arranging an international debate of rural community leaders and representatives from local authorities on the role of small communities in the process of implementation of the EU external policies. The project results will touch people living in rural communities in Lithuania and Cyprus. Community leaders will be enabled and engaged into awareness raising campaigns for their community members. Being exposed by the information, materials and events, they will change their attitude and behavior towards global issues of EU interest, support local initiatives related to coping with them, become active community members, feel to be European citizens.

The project “From Local to Global” aims to foster mobilization about the MDGs in Lithuanian and Cypriot society with a focus on rural communities in both of these countries. As part of the project, workshops have been conducted in three rural communities in each countries, aiming at empowering young people to identify key issues on the local level and take an active role in their communities.

Related Workshops

During the period of the project were organized 3 workshops and an International debate.