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3-day workshop for youth
3-day workshop for youth
Project From Local to Global
Place Paphos Gardens Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus
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Person in charge Emily Efthivoulou, Charalambos Solonos, Indre Augutiene
Type of participants youth 15-25 years old
Number of participants 40
Total Duration 3 days
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Future Worlds Center in collaboration with the Youth Advising and Career Center in Lithuania were co-organized an international debate on the MDGs from Saturday 24 September to Monday 26th September at Paphos Gardens Resort, in Paphos in the framework of the EU-funded project “From Local to Global

The event brought together 40 active citizens (young people from youth organizations, students, educators) from Cyprus and Lithuania to discuss Development issues and present work that had been done around the MDGs in Cyprus and Lithuania. It had included a debate competition on the MDGs with the participation of school debate clubs in CY and LT, trainings on debating, networking and project development as well as interactive activities around the MDGs.

The project “From Local to Global” aims to foster mobilization about the MDGs in Lithuanian and Cypriot society with a focus on rural communities in both of these countries. As part of the project, workshops have been conducted in three rural communities in each countries, aiming at empowering young people to identify key issues on the local level and take an active role in their communities.