Associazione Industriali Della Provincia di Salerno

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Associazione Industriali Della Provincia di Salerno
Abbreviation AISAI
Location Italy

Relation to the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI)

Partners with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI) in the R&I PEERS project.

Founded in 1919, it adheres to the Confindustria System, the main business and service industries representative delegation in Italy . The Association of Salerno Industrialists groups on a voluntary basis around 650 companies, of all commodities sectors, operating in the province.

Among the main objectives:

  • representation and safeguard of the member companies in their relationship with institutions and administrations, with trade unions, economical, political and social organizations, and with any other society component.
  • support to companies with information and expert assistance,
  • promotion of projects for the development of entrepreneurial activities,
  • promotion of cooperation among the members, even of other territories
  • contribution to the development and promotion of programs for the growth of the economy
  • support to the affirmation of corporate and work culture.

Plural Feminine Committee – projects purpose and initiatives to support gender policies
Within Confindustria Salerno are constituted some Commodities and interest Groups, including, since December 2000, the Plural Women's Committee having as objectives:

  • gather and give identity to the women entrepreneur, executives and with positions of responsibility involved in various capacities in the realities associated production.
  • create synergies between the female figures engaged in entrepreneurial reality to bring out common needs, create opportunities for sharing and networking, fostering the exchange of ideas, contributions and services, collaborate on initiatives and projects.

The Committee works giving serious attention to aggregation policies and network, involving initiatives aimed to strengthen the spirit of association and activating and strengthening the bonds and collaborations with the "networks" of the realities which, for various reasons, impact with the themes of “ doing business", of cultural growth and of reconciliation and job’s orientation policies, of recognition of a corporate culture aimed to prevent all forms of discrimination and to emphasize the principle of "equal opportunity" in equal merit .

The Committee has always paid great attention to the training dynamics as a tool for strengthening the gender identity and female leadership, attention that articulates through two lines: specialized trails, classroom front and experiential, implemented with coaches and external consultants, to strengthen and consolidate gender identity in the apical and managerial roles; of the updating and deepening days, realized thanks to the expertise made available to the Group by the same members of the Committee, to enhance the specialized skills of women making company. In the above-mentioned scenario, the companies of the Committee are planning a series of specialized courses, both experiential - self empowerment, Work&Life Balance, using the format and modalities of innovative use, such as training on the road, which is being planned a first day - that more technicals, on financial instruments for the entrepreneurial management of women who have top roles in the company.

Through the sharing of educational opportunities and contributions of these members, each one with specific roles and responsibilities, we want to increase the associative spirit, the links and partnerships, enhancing the aggregation and networking policy in the knowledge that this motivation and stimuli also go to create business opportunities and collaborations between companies.

The type of structure that characterizes the business scene represented by Confindustria Salerno, in particular consisting of micro, small and medium-sized family-owned enterprises, leads naturally to prefer, in the company organization, more flexible models, less rigid and pre-set, in favor of appropriate solutions search, "taylor-made", which are identified and adopted in relation to company-worker needs and the needs that emerge and are presented by female workers to the employer.

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