Camille Lechoux

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Camille Lechoux
Camille Lechoux
Period at FWC March- July 2022
Field of Study Political Sciences
Sending University Science PO Toulouse
Sending Professor Andrew Milne
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris
Involvement at FWC Project of "Decolonizing the curriculum" & “Recommendations for international project managers competencies recognition and validation for lifelong learning”
Achievements Developing Mediawiki pages
Designing and posting social media promotional articles
supervising other interns
planning events

Camille Lechoux joined Future Worlds Center as an intern from Sciences Po Toulouse[1], under the guidance of Dr. Yiannis Laouris and Andrew Milne (academic tutor) between March and July 2022. She subsequently returned to France to continue her studies in International relations.


Camille is studying political sciences and specializing in international relations in the French school called Sciences Po Toulouse.


Camille has been involved in the development and/or editing of many Mediawiki pages on this FWpedia wiki, but also in other media wikis developed and or owned by the organzation such as Digital Cyprus and Dialogic Design. She has developed many pages especially for the Digital Cyprus project. She was also involved in designing and posting social media promotional articles for several large projects, including the R&I PEERS project for which she has served as social media expert for the promotion of its aims. Lastly, Camille has supported her mentor Yiannis Laouris in the training of other interns (e.g., France De Borggraeve and Manon Coussemacker

Camille has been involved in virtual and face-to-face SDDP applications:

  1. AER-V SDDP of the International Facilitators Training School 2022, in the context of an ERASMUS project aiming to develop validation and certification for competencies in managing EU projects
  2. Virtual SDDP MedBEESinessHubs 2022, in the context of the MedBEESinessHubs project, aiming to train stakeholders in using Structured Democratic Dialogue to address their conflicting interests and positions.

Camille has been central in the planning of events for the above projects. For example, she served as one of the main contact persons for the AER-V-Recommendations for international project managers competences recognition and validation for lifelong learning organized in Paphos by Future Worlds Center in May 2022. She has also worked with Kevin Dye to prepare draft articles on gender equality as a result of the Athens SDDP.