Cazalla Intercultural

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Cazalla Intercultural
Type NGO
Legal status 2007
Location Lorca (Murcia), Spain

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in projects Six Steps to Global Citizenship (GlobaLab 2) and Global Education Goes Local (GEGL) project.

About the organisation

Cazalla Intercultural is a non-profit organization born in 2007 based in Lorca (Murcia). The key words in our work, mainly with young people, are: information, inclusion, education, mobility, training and participation. With these bases we try to connect Lorca with the world and the world with Lorca, being aware that great changes begin with small actions and that the future that awaits us will require young people who have developed skills that are not always learned in the school.


  • Contribute to local development and tolerance between cultures and races.
  • Promote the education of Human Rights.
  • Promote volunteering as a way of learning.
  • Contribute to improve the quality of work with young people.
  • Create international networks with which to collaborate in projects at a global level.
  • Promote mobility as a learning experience among young people.
  • Contribute to young people being active citizens and participating in the European context in which they live.
  • Prevent gender violence among young people and contribute to gender equality.

Areas of Activity

  • Youth information: Cazalla Intercultural works as a point of information for young people at national and European level, from which relevant and up-to-date information is provided to young people on opportunities for personal and professional development (youth exchanges, volunteer services, mobility programs, training and scholarships).
  • Office of Youth and Cultural Diversity: Cazalla Intercultural implements and organizes projects, activities and events focused on social inclusion, intercultural mediation, research on the situation and the needs that come from the relationship between immigrants and natives, the creation of projects national and international, with special attention to migration and interculturality, reinforcement classes for children, intercultural awareness programs in schools and courses on various aspects of immigration for youth and youth workers.
  • Social inclusion and youth participation: Cazalla Intercultural implements a social inclusion program through educational activities and training focused on young migrants. This program is run in parallel with the volunteer work program where the goal is to involve as many people as possible in the execution of volunteer activities and participation in the regular activities of the organization and its partners.
  • Education and training: Cazalla Intercultural offers a series of training programs each year aimed at developing the skills of trainers in non-formal education, intercultural learning, human rights education, guidance, counseling and provision of services to young people.

Contact information

  • e-mail:
  • phone number: +34 968 47 11 23 / +34 968 44 46 43

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