Chrystalla Miltiadou

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Chrystalla Miltiadou
Chrystalla Miltiadou
With FWC October 2013-April 2014
Title Software Developer
Key Project(s)
Key Interests
Degree(s) BSc (4 years)
Msc (2 years)
Filed(s) of study Computer Science
Computer Science
University(ies) University of Nicosia
University of Cyprus

For a detailed curriculum vitae of Mrs Miltiadou click: Full CV.

Mrs. Chrystalla Miltiadou joined the Future Worlds Center team in October 2013. Although her work was under the New Media Lab of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute, she joined the newly established IT Team as an intern for a period of the first six months supported by the Human Resource Development Authority HRD Internship Scheme recently created by the Cyprus Government. Her primary task focused on developing requirements and specifications for new innovative educational Apps, while at the same time supervised tasks of members of the IT team to ensure timely completion of projects. Chrystalla was also involved in drafting new business models for inter-organisational innovations.

Chrystalla also worked at Ekkotek, which operates as the technology partner and technology transfer office of Future Worlds Center. Her main contribution at Ekkotek involved analysis of new products while working with technical team members to ensure requirements are well understood and incorporated into Technical Design documentation.


Chrystalla holds an MSc Degree in Computer Science from University of Cyprus (2013) and a BSc Degree in Computer Science from University of Nicosia (2011). Chrystalla has a broad knowledge in software development. Her current interest focuses in researching new technologies and applications while at the same time extending her knowledge in the field of IT Business Analysis and Software Development.