Cogniscope 2

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Date Created) First version released in 1998
Resource Type Software
Resource Format Desktop App
Resource Description Allows trained facilitators to conduct Structured Democratic Dialogue
Language(s) English
Copyright Leading Design International

Cogniscope v.2

This version was developed by Leading Design International [1] owned by Aleco Christakis and Diane Conaway. The software developed in the late 90's was compatible with Windows 95, incompatible with Windows XP and became partly compatible with the launching of Windows 7. It is incompatible with current versions of Windows. Cogniscope v.2 uses a number of External Objects that extend the capabilities of Lingo (the scripting language used by Macromedia Director and later Adobe Director), which are no longer supported and do not function with versions of Adobe Director (in which Cogniscope 2 is written) released after 2000.