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The term Cogniscope Software is used to describe a number of products designed, developed and trade marked by Aleco Christakis that enable the application of the Structured Dialogic Design Process Methodology during the conduct of a Co-Laboratory.

Cogniscope v.1

Cogniscope v.1 is part of Cogniscope Software.

This now outdated version was produced and sold by CWA Ltd.. A free version is available [1]. The Institute for 21st Century Agoras was distributing 1000 copies of this limited functionality version of the software provided end-users made no claims with respect to the practice of the CogniScope™ method unless those users were certified as trained by the Institute for the 21st Century Agoras or designated training affiliates.

Cogniscope v.2

Cogniscope v.3 is part of Cogniscope Software.

This version was developed by Leading Design International [2] owned by Aleco Christakis and Diane Conaway. The software developed in the late 90's was compatible with Windows 95, incompatible with Windows XP and became partly compatible with the launching of Windows 7. It is incompatible with current versions of Windows. Cogniscope v.2 uses a number of External Objects that extend the capabilities of Lingo (the scripting language used by Macromedia Director and later Adobe Director), which are no longer supported and do not function with versions of Adobe Director (in which Cogniscope 2 is written) released after 2000.

Cogniscope v.2: Guided Dialogue

Guided Dialogue, was the WLS incarnation of Structured Dialogic Design [3] It was designed to help groups completely think through problems and situations in a democratic and thoughtful manner. WLS is a licensee of Institute of 21st Century Agoras and is fully utilizing the Cogniscope 2 software in its work.

Cogniscope v.3

Cogniscope v.3 is part of Cogniscope Software.

Between June 18-July 1, 2010, pioneers of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras participated in a series of sessions of a virtual SDDP co-Laboratory with the Triggering Question: "In anticipation of the evolution of the Internet and other interactive technology platforms (social networks etc...) what should be the requirements for the next generation of Cogniscope/ Webscope software (CSIII) for the enhanced and scaled-up practice of SDD? The results are documented in SDDP Design of the next generation Cogniscope/Webscope. In 2012, Aleco Christakis donated the code and rights to Future Worlds Center. Many of the features that ended up at the root of the MAP were used as requirements for the development of Cogniscope v.3. A number of programmers are credited with the development, mainly Savia Christou and Eleni Philippou but also between 2010-2012, Antonis Loizou and Lawrence Kalogreades. Cogniscope v.3 was released in 2013 with lifetime unlimited license to the participants of the 2010 SDDP. Single and multiple professional licenses are sold by Ekkotek. Free versions are available for educators (limited functionalities) and unregistered SDDP Facilitators (limited time).

Post Cogniscope Software

Future Worlds Center has developed IdeaPrism and Concertina through its technology transfer company, Ekkotek High-tech business incubator. The Ministry of Education in Michigan has developed Logosofia.


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