Efrosini (Frosso) Deligianni

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Efrosini (Frosso) Deligianni
Efrosini (Frosso) Deligianni
With FWC Sep 2011- present
Title Project Coordinator
Research Associate
Key Project(s) Reinventing democracy (YiA 1.3)
Degree(s) PhD,MA,BA
Filed(s) of study Linguistics
University(ies) Lancaster University (UK)
University of Manchester (UK)
Freie Universität (Germany)
Notable Achievements to be..

For a detailed curriculum vitae of Mrs.Deligianni click: Full CV.

Ms. Efrosini Deligianni joined Future Worlds Center in September 2011, originally as an intern and between March and the summer of 2012 as member of the TeachMDGs project. During her stay as intern, she collaborated with Eleni Michail and Yiannis Laouris in drafting and securing funding for Reinventing democracy (YiA 1.3)


Ms. Efrosini Deligianni has an extensive educational background on theoretical linguistics with a research interest on language change, discourse pragmatics and cognitive-linguistic processing. Her future research aspirations lie with a cognitive neuroscience of language. She was first placed as an intern at the New Media Lab (NML) unit of FWC, which she joined with great enthousiasm since it combines the implementation of New Technologies in Language Learning, a fascinating and pioneering avenue of research, with an ultimate goal of imparting social change. She is currently involved in a Youth in Action (YiA) programme under Subaction 1.3 on Youth Democracy Projects entitled “Using democratic dialogue to reinvent democracy”. She is also a member of the TeachMDGs project team.

Publications (academic)

  • Deligianni, E. “The interaction between Jespersen’s cycle and negation in Greek”. In M.-B. Mosegaard Hansen & J. Visconti (eds.), Diachrony of Negation. Amsterdam: J. Benjamins (forthcoming).
  • Deligianni, E. “Hyperbaton”. In Giannakis, G. (ed.), Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics. Leiden, the Netherlands: BRILL (forthcoming).
  • Deligianni, E. (2011). “Modern Greek word order in the process of syntacticization: preliminary evidence from Late Byzantine and Early Modern Greek”. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of Greek Linguistics (ICGL 9), Chicago USA, 29-31 October 2009.
  • Deligianni, E. (2011). “Pragmatic factors that determine main clause constituent order in Greek: a diachronic consideration”. In E. Kitis, N. Lavidas, N. Topintzi, and T. Tsangalidis (eds.), Selected Papers from the 19th International Symposium on Theoretical & Applied Linguistics, English department, Aristotle University. Thessaloniki: Monochromia, 163-73.
  • Croft, W. & E. Deligianni. “Assymetries in NP word order”. International Symposium on Deictic Systems and Quantification in Languages Spoken in Europe and Northern and Central Asia, Udmurt State, Izhevsk, Russia, May 2001.


Selected publications are available here:
Asymmetries in NP word order
Modern Greek word order in the process of syntacticization