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At Future Worlds Center each project has a named Project Coordinator, a Project Assistant Coordinator and several Project Associates. The Project Coordinator has among other, the following responsibilities and duties:

  • Has to carefully read and know all the details of the contract in-and-out;
  • Is in charge of setting-up committees (i.e., Advisory Boards, Consortium etc.) and arrange their regular and timely meetings as well as take all necessary measures for securing their active contributions;
  • Oversees the smooth implementation of the project according to plans and/or contract and ensures that all Project Deliverables, Project Activities, Project Reports and any other project requirements are completed timely and meet the organization's quality standards;
  • Is in charge of monitoring the timely and quality creation and set-up of all project electronic infrastructures, including Project Website, Project Members Email List, Project Calendar, Project FWC-pedia articles, etc. These must be developed according to Future Worlds Center's rules;
  • Works close together with the Financial Controller of the Organization to ensure the efficient and correct financial management of the project;
  • Works close together with the Project Director to ensure compliance with all legal and procedural project requirements;
  • Is responsible for ensuring that all deliverables are completed on time (e.g., reports, etc.);
  • Is responsible along with all the members of the project team for possible financial losses resulting out of the project, i.e. in case funds have to returned to the contracting authority, expenses incurred were ineligible or funds were lost for any other reason related to the management of the project. In cases of losses, 50% of the loss will be charged on the names of the people who have benefited from the project (personnel) in their respective account within the organization. They will be individually and collectively responsible to undertake such responsibility and try to do their best to recover the loss created by their project. If despite a proven, as judged by the Board, this does not succeed, the debit note will be deleted from the books after 5 years.

People who serve(d) this role: