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Larry Fergeson
Larry Fergeson
With FWC 2005 Intern, 2007-2010
Chair since Jan 2016
Title Project Coordinator
Program Quality and Fundraising Coordinator
Head of the Humanitarian Affairs Unit
N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees
Key Project(s) UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation
New Media Landscape
Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals
Human Rights and Reconciliation – Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders
ACID – Active citizens for intercultural dialogue
Good practice (Torture Victims)
JUMPSTART - Youth Peace Campaign in Cyprus
Strengthening Asylum for Refugees And Asylum Seekers in Cyprus, 2009
Strengthening Asylum for Refugees And Asylum Seekers in Cyprus, 2010
“Talk of the Island” radio program
“Talk of the Island” radio program (support)
Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture (URVT) III.
Key Interests Project Management, Progamme Development, Communications, Media
Filed(s) of study Media ethics, Conflict resolution, Civil society capacity building, Structured Democratic Dialogue Processes
University(ies) Portland State University
Specialization(s) Media, Conflict Resolution, Project Management
Notable Achievements Instrumental in setting up the CCMC

Larry Fergeson joined Future Worlds Center in 2005 for a year as an intern from the MS Conflict Resolution graduate program at the Portland State University, a student of Prof. Harry Anastasiou. Upon his second return to Cyprus in 2007 he initially assumed responsibilities as Project Coordinator of UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation and New Media Landscape projects. Subsequently, he acted as Program Quality and Fundraising Coordinator and in 2009 he became the Head of the Humanitarian Affairs Unit.

In June 2010, Larry became a professional Project Manager for the United Nations Development Programme to support the development and delivery of a key component of the Action for Cooperation and Trust programme, providing a means for Cypriots to actively participate in the reconciliation process. Currently, Larry is the General Manager at Cyprus Community Media Centre where his role is comprehensive management of daily activities and efficient delivery of business operations for a community media centre based in the United Nations’ buffer zone, promoting and providing a channel for the voice of local communities.

Larry is member of the N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees.

Early life at Future Worlds Center

Upon joining Future Worlds Center, Larry started writing EU, UN and other international body grant applications with the assistance of his mentor Yiannis Laouris and quickly became the Programme Quality and Fundraising Coordinator. As his experience grew he also designed and developed detailed project action plans within the context of the organisation’s overall strategy and mission, promoting and addressing humanitarian needs and social justice. He assessed validity of needs and feasibility, devising frameworks for delivery, budgets, target outcomes and monitoring methodologies. Larry identified potential donors appropriate for proposed work streams pertaining to civil society, media, human rights, social justice and global education development and then prepared high quality funding applications securing financial support from international bodies including UN and EU. Larry was instrumental in observing and evaluating operations and target achievement, reviewing feedback to ensure continuous improvement and establish high quality standards. His special skills are in communications where he maintained excellent communications between stakeholders and communities, utilising a range of media to ensure a positive organisational image, promote the services available and highlight achievements accomplished. He was skilled at promoting synergy and coordination across internal departments and external stakeholders to ensure a holistic and seamless service for target groups. Lastly he ensured effective programme design to achieve scalability and sustainability through mandatory EU support and pursuance of corporate responsibility contributions. Additionally, he managed the projects called UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation, New Media Landscape and assisted with the project Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals.

In 2009 Larry became the Head of the Humanitarian Affairs Unit with overall personnel management, communications and financial administration of a major department that directs delivery of services providing advocacy, legal aid and social support for refugees and victims of torture. He comprehensively managed a range of humanitarian and social justice projects devising strategic plans, financial forecasts and marketing profiles. Larry also helped to recruit and select personnel, outlining roles and directing activities. Moreover, he oversaw budgets, ensuring expenditure remained in line with projected spend and monitored all stages of project delivery to ensure achievement of targets and evaluated progress, reviewing standards and implementing improvements responsively. Larry also designed and implemented a range of communication and high visibility awareness campaigns for FWC.

Current Achievements

Larry is currently the General Manager of the Cyprus Community Media Centre. Larry contributes to the design, development and implementation of strategic plans, ensuring aims and objectives are in accordance with organisational core values. He also provides direction and leadership for six staff and media freelancers, delivering multimedia productions, community outreach, research, advocacy and campaigning. Larry is adept at performance managing, training and developing all personnel, in addition to performing HR functions. He also produces financial forecasts, meticulously controlling budgets and accounting for all expenditure and income. Larry also works to devise publicity plans, coordinating and developing content for both traditional and innovative promotional methodologies, including risk assessment and mitigation to ensure a continuing positive public image. He monitors and evaluates all stages of service delivery, ensuring high standards and deadlines are consistently met, providing comprehensive progress and financial reports for donors and stakeholders. Moreover, he researches potential opportunities for project development, contract procurement and income generation, liaising with key donor stakeholders to develop the sustainability plan. Larry was instrumental both for the creation as well as for the expansion of the Cyprus Community Media Centre as he was the project leader in writing the application for its creation and also, during the past few years, he managed to raise thousands of euros to expand the operations. He engages with international and governmental authorities, the media and public to raise the organisation’s profile, coordinating informational visits for high-level delegations as well as organising forums and consortiums to initiate joint activities within the community and new services in response to identified needs, ensuring synergy across all stakeholders, maximising advocacy, coordination, collaboration and participation.

Larry was also a professional Project Manager for the United Nations Development Programme. While with UNDP-ACT, Larry collaborated with the programme analyst to negotiate, prioritise and document the key needs of the partnership between USAID, UNDP, business leaders, media, civil society activists, youth leaders, researchers and opinion leaders. He devised a strategic plan for peacekeeping activities, including aims and objectives, expected outputs, financial forecasts, and risk and mitigation assessment. He also cultivated effective professional relationships with key stakeholders, including productive relationships with donors, diplomatic missions, advisory boards, CSOs and media. Larry also monitored and evaluated delivery of project activities, ensuring targets were met within deadlines and to a high standard, regularly providing comprehensive progress reports. He used his communication skills to increase public awareness by managing communication strategies, networking and providing outreach, engaging communities in becoming empowered, media literate and socially active.

Another key position Larry holds is as the elected Secretary of the Board of the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE).

Short Bio

A versatile and highly professional project manager with a wealth of experience in providing strategic direction and comprehensive delivery of a diverse range of international assignments, Larry has the knowledge and vision to create and lead on world class programmes. Proficient in preparing financial projections, Larry is exceptionally accomplished in securing short and long term funding and sustainable income from sources including the European Union and the United Nations. As a talented negotiator utilising sound management techniques, Larry coordinates significant, high profile services and activities, monitoring all stages of the lifespan of each work stream, consummately reviewing and evaluating to achieve responsive and quality provision for individuals and countries with complex needs. Dynamic and driven, Larry takes pride in exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders.

Larry’s areas of interest include media ethics, conflict resolution, civil society capacity building, democratic dialogue processes, development education and uniting youth in constructive ways. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from Texas State University and graduate studies in conflict resolution at Portland State University. Additionally, he also acts as a media consultant, communications strategist, journalist, radio programme producer and television presenter.