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For whom is this article

If you are a project coordinator or involved in a project or even if someone told you that you have to create a page for one of our projects then you might find this article helpful. However there is a slight chance that one might actually want to contribute by creating a page for a project just for self-gratification. In all cases this article is supposed to foster any efforts of a project page creation and facilitate the whole process.

How do I begin

The first thing one should do is to use the search box on the sidebar (i.e on the left column of your window provided you are already ambling on the cobbles and yet virtual streets of our FWC-pedia). Write in the name of the project and confidently hit Search. If nothing appears then no - one really cared to create a page for the project. That's where you come in!

The pitfall

So you decided to take the initiative and create the page for a project or at least you are leaning towards that. There is one thing they probably didn't tell you. "Create a page for a project" is in all respects a fallacious statement! Ultimately you must end up with at least two different pages for the same project. If you feel this is daunting then keep reading. There is more to come! On the other hand if you are assured that it's easy then by the time you finish the article you will be definitely convinced that is even easier and straightforward. But which are the two pages one must create?

The TWO pages

After a lot of deliberation and even more cups of coffee and exchange of emails, we decided that it is in everybody's best interest to create two instances of the same project. That doesn't sound so wise now I guess... Isn't it though? The reason behind this call was that a project must have two forms, a formal one and an informative or encyclopedic one. If for example an associate wants to work on a relevant application or has to give legitimate information about a project then he or she should be able to find that information in one convenient location without having to deal with a bunch of peripheral and extraneous details. On the other hand, if someone wants to read about the project, what events, conferences, meetings were conducted or watch videos and see images while delving into details regarding the colors we used in our notepads which we gave to people around the world in order to intrigue them with our ideas, then he or she should have those information separated from the grave information about the number of the contract that was signed when the project started. Thus we took the difficult decision to ensure there is a formal solemn face of the project and an encyclopedic happy face.

The FORMAL project

To create the formal face of a project one should be mindful of some minute albeit essential details.


One should not be oblivious that this page should contain valid, legitimate data according to the contract of the project. Therefore you should name your page with the formal title of the project.

Where does it belong

Another facet in this whole wiki process, is that one can categorize his or her page. Because size does matter and structure is important we should give the attention needed to this aspect. Formal projects belong to a category we named Category:Funded Projects. To impel the project to run and join that category you can use the following command at the end of your article in Edit Mode:

[[Category:Funded Projects]]

Garment the Project

After naming and giving a proper orientation to the project, the last step is to dress it up. The good news is that we already fashioned the basic outfit you can use. To apply the outfit, you must copy and paste what is prepared for you in Template:Project_Contract. Once you do that you will notice that you can change some of the characteristics of your project accordingly. That is because we prepare for you the logic that a formal project has hair but you must indicate the color of your project's hair. The bad news is that... wait a minute there are no bad news!


To facilitate the parents of the projects, and to give them an orientation on how to mold their children, we provide them with some of the distinguished projects we had so far:


As in the formal instance of the project, you must not be oblivious of some facts when creating the "encyclopedic" face of your project.

Dubbed it

Because the formal name was already proudly taken by the formal project, you must dubbed your encyclopedic one. Here one can use an abbreviation of the contract name, or essentially use an appealing to the eyes of the world nickname.

Where does this belong

For encyclopedic projects to find and join their peers in Category:Future Worlds Center Projects, one must point them to the right direction. To do that, use:

[[Category:Future Worlds Center Projects]]

Remember to insert that command at the bottom of your page in "Edit" Mode.


As one might expect, there is also an outfit prepared for these fellows. To use the outfit insert the lines of code indicated in Template:Project and modify accordingly.


Some of our outstanding offsprings are:

What are you talking about?

If someone was kind of listless to go through the whole article or everything sounded Greek to him or her then he or she can conduct soteris@cnti.org.cy for counselling on how to give birth and raise project pages.

Best Regards,

FWC-Pedia Administrator
Soteris Demetriou