Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fair

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Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fair
Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fair
Project Έκθεση Καινοτομίας Τεχνολογίας Κοινωνικής Προόδου
Place Nicosia
Date(s) June 1993, June 1994
Type of participants General public
Number of participants >120 each time
Total Duration 3 days/each

The Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute has pioneered as early as 1993 in the organization of the first ever innovation fair in Cyprus. The Fair/Competition was given the name Innovation-Technology-Social Progress to emphasize that innovation and technology are meant to support and facilitate social progress.

The fairs have been co-organized with the Institute of Technology with the great support of its Director Dr. George Christodoulides[1] and its Vice-Director Dr. Costas Konis[2] and have been generously funded and supported primarily by the Cyprus Development Bank and the Bank of Cyprus but also by more than 20 Cyprus based important companies, academic institutions and other organizations.

The KTK fairs have been placed under the auspices of and have been opened by THREE ministries at the same time:

  • Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance

All three ministers together opened the events in order to also pass the message to society at large that innovation and technology as well as social progress are virtues and values that cross the borders of the three ministries and that they were top priority of the Clerides Presidency.

KTK A Opening and Samples 1993

KTK B Opening 1994

KTK B Samples 1994

KTK B Awards 1994

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The initiative enjoyed significant support by the following:

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The Fair has secured dozens of respecable awards.

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