Ivi Solomou

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Ivi Solomou
Ivi Solomou
With FWC 2017
Title Business Development
Key Project(s) GNOUS
Key Interests HCI, Educational Software
Degree(s) MSc Business with Marketing Management, LLB (Hons) Law
Filed(s) of study Global Management, Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage, Analyzing Buyer Behavior Brand Dynamics
University(ies) University Of Salford (Jan 2016 – Jan 2017), Northumbria University (Sep 2011 – Jul 2014), Cyprus BAR Association (Aug 2014 – Aug 2015)
Specialization(s) Licensed Advocate
Notable Achievements to be..

Ivi Solomou joined the Ekkotek, GNOUS Labs Ltd. team, first as intern and later as Associate. She led the team in designing a marketing campaign and also a paper-based prototype for the envisioned Minimum Viable Product. Even though her time with the company was short, her work and achievements have provided guidance for the development of GNOUS.

Short bio

Ivi holds an MSc in Business with Marketing Management from Northumbria University, graded 80% and awarded with Distinction (Modules Include: Masters Consultancy Project, Developing Global Management Competencies, Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage, Analysing Buyer Behaviour Brand Dynamics, Relationship Marketing in a Global Context, Academic and Professional Development). She has completed a degree in LLB (Hons) Law at the University Of Salford. After that she became Licensed Advocate with the Cyprus BAR Association (Examination mark: 668.49/1000). Between September 2008 and June 2011 she attended the Lyceum Of Apostolos Markos (School Certificate Grade: 96.4/100, Distinction).