GNOUS Labs Ltd.

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GNOUS Labs Ltd.
GNOUS Labs Ltd.
Contract Title Mental Attributes Profiling System

GNOUS Labs Ltd. is a startup company in Cyprus launched in 2017 to commercialize Mental Attributes Profiling System, a research project conducted at the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute.

It was founded as a subsidiary of Ekkotek High-tech business incubator, where MAPS was incubated, with Yiannis Laouris, Marios Podinas, Constantinos Tsiourtos, the development team and the first Angel investor as shareholders.

Since the introduction of the company, the founders built a strong team and took strategic steps towards developing the business efficiently. GNOUS Labs won a position in IDEACy, a prestigious accelerator in Cyprus owned by the Bank of Cyprus, where it was hosted between March until November 2017.

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