Katerina Kakosaiou

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Katerina Kakosaiou
Katerina Kakosaiou
Period at FWC August 2020 - (present)
Field of Study Biology
Sending University European University Cyprus
Sending Professor Antonia Sophocleous
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris
Involvement at FWC WisdomApps
Achievements To be developed

Katerina Kakosaiou joined the Future Worlds Center at he end of August to conduct a 200-hours internship and training as part of her Biology and Neuroscience studies at the European University Cyprus. Katerina works under the guidance of Yiannis Laouris in the WisdomApps and GNOUS projects, and with Jordan Kent in Global Education Goes Local and MigratED.


Katerina graduated the High school at Protipo Athinon, in Athens, Greece. She is originally from Greece and has spent the last 3 years in Cyprus studying biology. While in University, she has been a close observer in a pharmacy project degree. Seeking to enrich her experience, she has also been in the Mediterraneo Hospital for the purpose of vocational education and training in a microbiological laboratory.