KOPIN (Malta)

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KOPIN (Malta)
Type non-profit, non- governmental autonomous organisation
Location Malta
Region served Regional, Global
Budget <1 million
Website http://www.kopin.org

Relation to Future Worlds Center

KOPIN were partners with Future Worlds Center in the following projects:

KOPIN is a voluntary, autonomous, non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Malta working in the field of North-South cooperation and global education. KOPIN aims at poverty eradication and the wholesome development and effective empowerment of the poorest communities. It carries out development education and advocacy work on North-South issues directed mainly at local and EU policies. Although KOPIN is not bound to any other organisation, it has good relations with a number of Maltese and foreign organisations and networks. In fact, ever since its foundation in the year 2000, a main aim of KOPIN is to network with other NGOs so as to share experiences and expertise with a focus on development cooperation and global education, and to build a strong position in advocating for a rights-based approach to social global justice. KOPIN is the founding organisation of The National Platform of Maltese NGDOs, today called SKOP, which it was mandated to coordinate from its establishment in June 2001 until May 2007. KOPIN also participates in a number of thematic working groups at local and European level.