Letizia Atti

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Letizia Atti
Letizia Atti
Period at FWC January - June 2012
Field of Study Education, Psychology, Social Sciences
Sending University Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna/Italy
Sending Professor to be..to be..
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris
Involvement at FWC Cyberethics

For a detailed curriculum vitae of Mrs. Atti click: Full CV.

Mrs. Letizia Atti has been with Future Worlds Center between January and June 2012. She was working as an Intern for the New Media Lab and especially in the Cyberethics project, with a scholarship from the Leonardo Program.

Short Bio

Letizia has earned a BSc in Educational and Social Sciences from University of Bologna, Italy and an MSc in in “Evaluation and intervention in cases of child abuse and paedophilia” at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. She worked for several years as coordinator and educator in different projects of education and social inclusion for children and adolescents with mental and physical disabilities, or at risk of social exclusion. She was the coordinator of an educational art workshop of videomaking at the juvenile detention center I. Siciliani of Bologna, focused on the topic of legality, adolescence and minor’s rights. She collaborated with the hotline Hot114 Service - Childhood Emergency run by Telefono Azzurro,Italy.


During her Future Worlds Center internship, Letizia has been actively involved in a number of projects, especially the New Media Lab, developing online tools and content for children, and ideas regarding opportunities and new interactive online educational paradigms for young children. One of her tasks was the analysis of the data and experience of the Cyberkids project.

Furthermore, Letizia served as Co-coordinator of the Q3.eu Project. The specific activities she carried out included:

  • Development of applications and preparation of reports
  • Organization of European thematic meeting, collaborating with the partners of the project.
  • Searched and gathered information about Cyprus’ social economy, writing a paper on the state of the art of the 3rd Sector in Cyprus.