MIGAL Galilee Research Institute LTD

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MIGAL Galilee Research Institute LTD
Abbreviation MIGAL
Location Israel
Website https://www.eap.gr/en/

Relation to the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI)

Partners with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI) in the R&I PEERS project.

MIGAL Galilee Research Institute Ltd., founded in 1979, is a private applied research institute, located in Kiryat Shmona, Israel. Research at MIGAL is highly interdisciplinary and specialised in the areas of Agrotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture, nutrition science and Biotechnology. As a leading institute for applied research, MIGAL aims to strengthen and promote scientific innovation and spur economic growth. With over 65 Ph.D. scientists and a total staff of 195 researchers, engineers and students - all residents of the Galilee - MIGAL is a unique phenomenon, serving as a focal point for economic and scientific developments as well as for science-community relations in the Galilee.

MIGALs’ researchers collaborate with local, regional and international research organizations and universities, and maintain a high level of achievement and excellence, aiming to enhance economic opportunities for the local community and provide scientific and educational tools for students at the nearby Tel-Hai College, where MIGAL senior researchers serve as faculty members.

MIGAL scientists have publications in prestigious journals and are involved in several international research projects such as FP6; FP7 (including ERC); ENPI etc. and bi-national such as BARD; BIRD, NIH; as well as many national competitive projects. The water and wastewater sector is an important topic at MIGAL. Through its agricultural R&D, the institute operates 10 Extension Farms across the Galilee where research in different aspects of agriculture are done, promoting knowledge and productivity to farmers and the agro-industry. MIGAL contributed significantly to the efficient use of recycled water for irrigation. Exposure of scientific activity to the community and incorporation of the local population in the scientific activity serves in strengthening the ties between the scientists and the Galilee communities. Raising awareness to scientific issues of children and young adults promotes the accessibility of scientific activity and brings to closer engagement with scientific issues.

The Institute has now two centres with laboratory facilities and offices and is responsible for managing research in 10 experimental farms all over the Galilee. It is well equipped in terms of lab space and infrastructure (only at the last year over one million Euro were invested in sophisticated equipment), and is able to accommodate the latest technologies for experiments and analysis. MILOUDA Labs, operating from MIGAL, provide for quality control laboratory services to the food sector, as well as unique laboratory services to the medical devices; cosmetics and environmental industries. MIGAL has carried out a wide variety of successful joint ventures with leading industrial and academic institutions in Israel and abroad. It also provides laboratory and consulting services in microbiology, fish diseases, extracting of pharmaceutical materials from plants and chemical analysis. The administrative and HR departments of our organisation are focused on developing measures and programmes for attracting women to a scientific career, as well as, for finding opportunities for reaching that goal. That is why personnel with long term experience in management and mentoring of people has been identified and chosen for participation on the project development and implementation. MIGAL encourage gender experts and gender expertise with focus on sciences for the regional development and support their activities with the Galilee community. Activities with the students and the residents of the Galilee in connection to research and scientific/agricultural activities is implemented.

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