N.E.T.S. Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition

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The Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition is a Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute initiative, currently in the process of the final stages of its foundation. The School will specialize strictly at the interface of the 4 sciences that the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute has accumulated expertise.

The acronym of the school, N.E.T.S. stands for:

  • Neuroscience
  • Education
  • Systems
  • Technology


N.E.T.S. aspires to pioneer worldwide in offering cutting-edge advanced graduate programs that lie at the interface of four areas of significant importance (i.e., Meta-Systems Neuroscience, Instructional Systems Design, Complex Systems Science as applied for social change and peace building, and Information & Computer Technologies) but at the same time equip its graduates with knowledge, expertise, tools and motivation to apply towards creating a better world. The design of its curricula is grounded on the premise that we ought to re-define the methods, purpose, and tools we use in research, in education and in social sciences in light of relevant and pressing social, economic and political priorities.


To put together a team of ca. 20 highly committed PhD students, capable and intelligent individuals who will work at the interface of the four sciences focused to develop the science required to achieve a paradigm shift and a major leap forward in our world.


  1. N.E.T.S. philosophy is based on the original aims of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute.
  2. Grounded on the realization that survival of humanity will depend on our ability to design conscious evolution.
  3. Designing and execution of studies and research programs with future orientation in areas related to human brain-modern technology-social transformation with the purpose of inventing new methods and tools to facilitate conscious societal evolution.