Nikleia Eteokleous-Grigoriou

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Nikleia Eteokleous
Nikleia Eteokleous
With FWC CYBER KIDS researcher (1997-2001)
Member of Board (2005-2007)
Title Past Member of Board (2005-2007
External Research Expert (2007-present)
N.E.T.S. Academic Staff
Key Project(s) Mobile Learning
Educational Hypermedia (Hibernation)
EU Kids Online
Degree(s) B.A. in Public and Business Administration
M.Ed. in Educational Administration
M.Ed in Instructional Systems
Ph.D in Educational Administration (emphasis in Computer Technology in Education)

Dr. Nikleia Eteokleous-Grigoriou started as CYBER KIDS Instructor in 1997 and soon joined the CYBER KIDS Development team under Harry Anastasiou. Between 1997-2001 she also served as CYBER KIDS Branch Manager. Following her returning in Cyprus, after completing two MEds and her PhD she served as Member of the Board of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute between 2005 and 2007, and since 2007 she is an External Research Expert.

Undergraduate studies (B.A. in Public and Business Administration, Concentration: Finance, 2001), postgraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University (M.Ed. in Educational Administration, 2002; M.Ed in Instructional Systems, 2004; and Ph.D in Educational Administration with emphasis in Computer Technology in Education, confirmed 2004). I currently work as a Lecturer in Educational Technology at Frederick University Cyprus. I was employed for two years as an Assistant to the Head of Research and Development at P.A. College Larnaca. While studying at Penn State I was awarded an assistantship through which I was employed as a Research Assistant for three years at the Educational Leadership Program as well as an Assistant Editor at the American Journal of Education. I gave presentations in various national and international conferences and published articles in academic journals and conference proceedings. My research focuses on areas of technology (computer, mobile devices and internet) integration in education, systemic change in education and educational leadership.

Selected publications

• Eteokleous, N. & Ktoridou, D. (2013). Social Networking for Educational Purposes: The Development of Social‐Cultural Skills through Special Interest Groups. In G. Malia (Ed.), TheSocial Classroom ‐ Integrating Social Network Use in Education (Ch. 20, pp. 396‐418). IGIGlobal Publishers (Forthcoming December 2013).
• Eteokleous, N., Demetriou, A. G. & Lambrou, A. (2013). The Pedagogical Framework forIntegrating Robotics as an Interdisciplinary Learning – Cognitive Tool. In J.Roselli & E. Gulick(Eds.), Information and Communications Technology: New Research (pp. 141‐158). NovaScience Publishers, Inc.
• Eteokleous, N. (2012). Informal Online Learning Through the Mediterranean Youth Technology Club: Think Global, Act Local, Bring Change into a world to rearrange. In HarrisonH. Yang & Shuyan Wang (Eds.), Cases on Formal, Non‐Formal, and Informal Online Learning:Opportunities and Practices (pp. 101‐125). IGI Global Publishers.
• Eteokleous‐Grigoriou, N., Anagnostou, G., & Tsolakidis, S. (2011). Examining the use of textcorpora and online dictionaries as learning tools: Pre‐service teachers' perspectives. In. A. Jimoyiannis (Ed.), Research on e‐learning and ICT in Education: Technological, Pedagogical and Instructional Issues (Ch. 9, pp. 109‐123).Springer Science + Business Media.
• Eteokleous, N., & Laouris, Y. (2005). Are we moving to fast in integrating mobile devices into educational practices? In K. Nyriri (Ed.), Communications in the 21st Century – Mobile Communication (pp. 197‐205). Vienna: Passagen Verlag.
• Eteokleous, N. & Pavlou, V. Integrating the Multimedia Builder Software as an education tool to deliver Fairy Tales: promoting multiliteracies and multimodality. Journal of Interactive Learning Research (Forthcoming ‐ Accepted for publication) • Ετεοκλέους, Ν. & Μάνιου, Θ. (2012). Η αξιοποίηση των Μέσων Κοινωνικής Δικτύωσης στην Τριτοβάθμια Εκπαίδευση: Μια εμπειρική διερεύνηση σε φοιτητές στην Κύπρο. Περιοδικό Σύγχρονη Εκπαίδευση, 171 (4), 29 – 59. • Ktoridou, D. & Eteokleous, N. (2012). Exploring Parent’s and Children’s Awareness on Internet Threats in relation to Internet Safety. Campus Wide Information Systems Journal, 29 (3), 133‐ 143.

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