Nikolas Kasparis

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Nikolas Kasparis
Nikolas Kasparis
With FWC 11/2007-8/2009
Title Programmer
Key Project(s) [SafenetCY]]
Key Interests write the interests of the associate
Degree(s) Bachelor in Mathematics
Masters of Science in Computational Intelligence
Filed(s) of study write the fiels(s) of study of the associate
University(ies) University of Cyprus
De Montfort University (UK)
Specialization(s) AI
Notable Achievements chess

Nikolas joined the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in November 2007. He spends half his time working as the Technical Director of the organization and the rest of his time as the Hotline Coordinator. Previously, Nikolas taught Mathematics in private education to high school and senior high school students, students preparing for the Cyprus and Greek university entrance exams, people applying for the government and police academy entrance examinations, and students preparing for the Mathematics Olympiad. Nicolas obtained his Bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Cyprus and a Masters of Science in Computational Intelligence from De Montfort University (UK).