Nikolas Papachrysanthou

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Nikolas Papachrysanthou
Nikolas Papachrysanthou
With FWC September 2013-today
Title Software Programmer
Web Designer
Key Project(s)
Key Interests
Degree(s) BSc (4 years)
MSc (2 years)
Filed(s) of study Computer Science
University(ies) University of Nicosia
University of Cyprus
Notable Achievements to be..

Mr. Nikolas Papachrysanthou joined the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in September 2013. He is a member of the IT Team of the organization. His responsibilities include development of all websites and electronic infrastructure of the organization.


Nikolas holds a BSc in Computer Science from University of Nicosia (2011) and an MSc in Computer Science from University of Cyprus (2013). He has extensive knowledge in various programming and web languages. Also he has experience in creating applications for Android smart phones. His MSc thesis was based on Image and Video Proccessing and also his BSc thesis was based on new technology appeared in our days called RFID.

Related Projects

Educational Applications

MSc Thesis: "Real Time System for Face Detection" . Surpervisor: Constantinos Pattixis
The purpose of this project is to recognize in real-time the emotion of a person’s face. The person might be recognized as happy, sad or normal. The system runs on a server which is hosted by University of Cyprus and a web page was created to represent the data of the recognition process to the users. The idea behind is that a web camera is being installed on a room, streaming video at real-time and capturing frames every 30 seconds. The frames are stored into the server. A face detection algorithm (Viola Jones) checks on the specific frames if a there is a person or not. If there is, the algorithm detects that person and creates a border along the face. The new frame is then stored in the server and all details about that image are stored on the website as well

BSc Thesis: "Semi-Simulator for RFID Technology". Superivisor: Ioanna Dionysiou
The aim of this project is to develop a simulator for the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. The purpose was to develop this simulator in order to secure the University Of Nicosia Library. This project contains software that simulates all the actions that can be made inside the Library. Basically some of the actions are to request and provide permission of items inside the room The software supports two group of users being the administrators and students. Administrators have the control of all the tasks that can be made inside the environment, and students are the entire students of the University of Nicosia. This project was built in Microsoft Visual to provide an attractive and flexible Graphical User Intrerface. The database was built in Microsoft Access 2007 in order to communicate with the simulator and keep track of all actions being made.

Academic Knowledge

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • C / C++
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • PHP / HTML / CSS
  • MySQL
  • OpenCV for Image and Video Processing
  • Matlab
  • SQLite for Android