Policy: Financial Authorization

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Since Future Worlds Center has many projects and therefore many expenses to pay, the following financial authorization policy must be implemented:

  • Purchases have to comply with the relevant project budget;
  • Project payments should be paid via cheques or electronic transfer. Cash can be used only in special circumstances approved by the Executive Director;
  • Every purchase must be approved beforehand by the Project Coordinator of the project, and then by the Head of Unit under which the project is being implemented;
  • Payment to Associate and/or payment to third parties made in accordance with project budget shall be authorized by the Project Coordinator of the project as well as the Financial Director prior to payment; Final check and approval by signatories;
  • Every payment is prepared by the Financial Officer after being approved by the Head of the Financial Unit and subsequently checked and signed by the person(s) authorized to sign cheques. Two out of three designated signatories must sign.