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Most of Future Worlds Center's people love to travel and gain experiences from other groups and other cultures. Fortunately, FWC has created many opportunities for international travel. The Organization is networked internationally and our Associates are invited and expected to participate in many international events, conferences, workshops and trainings. Also, practically all our projects foresee some kind of travel and international exchanges.

Over the past few years more than 90 people traveled to over 60 destinations, more than 20 international experts have visited with the purpose of exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences, and we have hosted many volunteers and interns from around the world.

Different types of travel opportunities

We distinguish between three types of travel:

Type 1: Travel that is part of a regular project in which the Associate has a key role

The first type is considered necessary/obligatory for the people who are involved in a specific project. The Organization therefore, compensates 100% of the cost. This includes airfare, hotel, food, transportation and a 50 euro per diem in order to cover the costs paid without invoices. In general, the organization does not cover taxis or personal expenses and does not provide any daily allowance. The person traveling has to prepare the travel documents in a standardized method and to submit all receipts, boarding passes and the filled and signed Reimbursement Forms in order to be reimbursed.

Type 2: Travel is important for the Organization and/or specific projects, but not necessary for the particular associate

The second type is important but not obligatory. Therefore, the Organization expects the person traveling to contribute minimally and to demonstrate appreciation for the opportunity.

Type 3: Travel is considered as ‘opportunity’ resulting out of our strong network

The Beneficiaries can be both members of Future Worlds Center or outsiders. The third type of travel is sometimes treated in a case-by-case manner, but in all cases the following applies: The person traveling will in most cases be expected to contribute partly to the cost, because:

  1. The sponsor typically pays only part of the cost and;
  2. It is not a trip that is required for the projects that contribute to the payroll of the organization.

The expected personnel contribution is as follows:

  • Internal participant (staff of the organization): travel cost will be reimbursed up to the amount allowed by the project budget.
  • External participant: traveller are in charge or arranging their own insurance required by the destination. In addition, each participant should contribute the amount not covered by the project budget. An additional donation of 150 euro in case of travels with 3 or more overnights and the total cost of the travel being higher than three times of the contribution. In all other cases the minimum donation expected is 100 euro. Donations should be made before the initiation of the trip.

In all cases, the reimbursement will be made only after the project/travel report is accepted by the EC. Exemptions may be made in extraordinary cases for internal people.


Regardless the available project budget, Future Worlds Center shall reimburse all actual necessary cost occurred during the international travel based on the original invoices provided. The organization follows actual cost reimbursement policy and not flat per diem reimbursement unless it is justified by special circumstances and approved by the management.

In the event when the project does not define maximum per diem can be claimed, the organization can charge the full amount of the international travel ensuring that the current per diem ceiling of the European Commission is not exceeded.

Preparing for international travel

Participating in Future Worlds Center's international travel program is not holiday time. The person traveling (or being invited to travel) must prepare to adequately represent the organization. This includes the following:

  1. Have a Power Point presentation ready
  2. Take materials to disseminate about Future Worlds Center and its relevant projects
  3. Take gifts to the hosts

What comes after your international travel

The participation in international travel comes with responsibility to maximize the benefit both for the individual and for the organization and even the country at large. To facilitate this, all people travelling are requested to submit a one-paragraph report with their reimbursement request plus record a short interview and upload on Youtube using Future Worlds Studio.

Points to include in the written/video report

Country, city, when, with whom Project, partners, who is the coordinator Purpose of the meeting Who else was there?

What was your personal contribution? What was the benefit for you? What did you bring up back for Future Worlds Center? Possible inspiration to do something that was not originally planned…

Individuals benefiting from Future Worlds Center's International Travel Policy, must follow the organizations's International Travel Procedure.