Procedure: International Travel

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For information on Future worlds Center's position, please visit the relevant International Travel Policy.

Preparing for international travel

The person traveling is responsible to find and buy her/his ticket and make necessary hotel and other reservations. All costs related to the travel must be paid by the person traveling; reimbursement follows after the trip. If the travel is made through an inviting party, the inviting organization must be informed about our organization and asked to deposit the reimbursement in the account of our organization. If the inviting organization reimburses the person traveling in cash, this money has to be deposited later by the person traveling in our organization's account and declared as income.

The person traveling has to make sure to have the following ready before the travel:

  1. A Power Point presentation about Future Worlds Center and/or the respective project content;
  2. Materials to disseminate about Future Worlds Center and its relevant projects;
  3. Symbolic gifts for the hosts and possibly the participants.

Application of external traveller

External traveller participating in third type of travel shall submit a fully completed application form which also includes the International Travel policy of the organization.

Financial procedure of international travel

As it is stated above all costs related to the travel must be paid by the person traveling and reimbursed after the trip. However, in case of airfare the time span between the purchase and reimbursement can be long (the earlier the ticket is purchased, the cheaper can be), therefore the person traveling can choose from 3 options, payment types to buy a flight ticket:

  1. To be charged on the personnel credit card of the travelers: in this case an extra 15 EUR can be claimed within the travel expense report ("credit card allowance") provided reimbursement is later than 30 days from the time of submission, in order to cover any bank penalties.
  2. To be charged on the credit card of another person who accepts this responsibility , and who will therefore be entitled to the credit card allowance, as explained above. However, this option can be used only:
    1. Once per any individual, to allow the Associate time to adjust to the rules of the organization
    2. Only for first type of the international travels
    3. A penalty of 25 euro will be paid by the Associate using this method
  3. To be charged on FWC via the official travel agency of the organization (Top Kinisis): no extra costs can be claimed. However, this option can be used only under extremely special conditions and only in case of first type of the international travels. This is available only to Project Coordinators and again, a penalty of 25 euro will be paid by the Associate travelling using this method. In this case, the Project Coordinator will in addition be responsible for the debit.


To apply for reimbursement the traveling person will need to fill-in the relevant Reimbursement Form (Intern_Travel_Claim) and attach all original receipts, boarding passes etc and copies of the program and/or participation certificates and submit to the Financial Officer for control and payment.

Please note that travels without boarding passes will not be reimbursed in compliance with the rules of the European Commission.

Persons traveling under third type of the international travels will be reimbursed only after the project/travel report is accepted by the EC which can differ per project.