Policy: Working in multiple projects

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Future Worlds Center's Associates are typically engaged in multiple projects, i.e., they belong to multiple “circles” (i.e., projects) at the same time as explained in the Distributed Project Participation Philosophy. Their individual contributions and responsibilities in each project might differ in intensity, and they are agreed in advance. Projects have different sizes. Each project has one Project Coordinator (upper semi-circle in each project as shown in the Distributed Project Participation Philosophy page) and several members (who can also be External Associates). Projects may be funded or not. Usually, new Associates negotiate their placement in at least 3 main projects: A primary, a secondary and a minor. In many cases, either the primary or the secondary project is the one that also provides for the “daily living” (i.e., Renumeration). However, in most cases, Associates may receive financial benefits from all funded projects in which they participate.

Ideally, all their projects are funded, which offers flexibility and stability for the individual. However, Future Worlds Center keeps money issues separate from projects in which its Associates are allowed to be active, provided they have the time and energy resources. In other words, funding options do not dictate the orientation and our activities. An easy-to-understand explanation is the following:

  • New Associates are trusted with funds that others have secured before them.
  • In the realm of practical ethics, they are then expected to pay back the “gift” in three different ways:
  1. Pay back the organization by securing new funds to support continuation of activities;
  2. Create analogous opportunities for others to join later;
  3. Support themselves by creating funding and working options.