Procedure: Payments to third parties

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Before making any payment to a third party, please read the relevant Payments to third parties policy.

When making payments to third parties please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Pay the exact amount that appears on the invoice; avoid making payments towards a total;
  2. Never use pencil to write on invoices;
  3. Stamp (Expense Stamp) on the invoice the name of the project to be charged to and all other relevant information;
  4. Place the Invoice in the relevant Unit's Incoming Box in the Financial Officer's office.

When the Financial Officer executes the payment, the following tasks shall be done:

  1. Fill-in the cheque for payment with all details necessary;
  2. Write on the invoice the cheque number;
  3. Make a photocopy, placing the cheque on top of the invoice and staple this copy behind the original invoice.
  4. Cheques must be picked-up from the Financial Officer's office with a receipt signature.