Renewing Dialogue among Keryneians

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Contract Title Renewing Dialogue among Keryneians
Contract Number n/A
Funding Period March - May 2007
Partners Future Worlds Center

This was a small, non-funded project, created on the initiative of a Future Worlds Center visiting Fulbright scholar Rebecca Brubaker. The purpose was to support Keryneian's to discover how structured democratic dialogue could facilitate their meetings and help them reach consensus in whatever they were discussing. This methodology of dialogue was chosen because it can assist groups in dealing with complex issues while promoting the integration of contributions from individuals with diverse views, backgrounds, and perspectives through a process that is structured, inclusive and collaborative. The event was organized using the Structured Dialogic Design Process on April 30th and May, 2nd 2007. The results are documented in the SDDP Envisioning a Future Keryneia page.

The following Triggering Question was used:

  • What are descriptors of an ideal image of a future Kyrenia?