SDDP List of Clients

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# Client Project Num of Dialogues Year City((ies) Triggering Question - LINK
1 Cyprus Local Authorities Local Authorities 10 2009 10 Municipalities of Cyprus What factors inhibit the efficient operation of local authorities??
2 Cyprus Government (Tax Department) R&I PEERS 3 for Limassol, Nicosia, and Large-companies 2013 What are the challenges to be addressed for the successful merging of IRD and VAT departments?
3 RESPA: Regional School for Public Administration, Montenegro [[]] 10 200000 Buffer Zone, Lefkosia What measures/activities/actions, if implemented, will help ReSPA move towards the achievement of its Goals and Vision?
3 European Commission MARINA 10 200000 Larnaca, Istambul, Copenhagen What political, economic, social/cultural, technological, legal, environmental and educational actions are needed for thriving yacht tourism while at the same time protecting the marine ecosystem??
4 European Commission R&I PEERS 4 2017-2019 What measures/actions (administrative, organizational culture-related, financial, legal...) should be taken to make Gender Equality Plan implementation beneficial for all employees in research organizations?
5 Council of Europe [[]] 2 2017 St Millan, Spain, Makahani, Georgia Faro Convention Labs Fotiou Michaelides What challenges do we face in our effort to help all stakeholders understand how cultural heritage could facilitate socio-economic development?