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SteLLLa 2.0

steLLLa 2.0 is a partnership of 10 European partners from Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain supported by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and sub-programme GRUNDTVIG. The name steLLLa 2.0 is the short form of the longer name "Stimulation of eLearning for Life Long Learning for adults".

Specific objective(s)
  • improve the learning process of adults by introducing web based and mobile learning methods in their learning path
  • encourage adult learners to determine their own learning process by using flexible learning paths (learn when and where they want, *use of individualised learning methods, of the variety of didactics and choose the own speed of learning, learning on demand, communicate while learning)
  • stimulate adults ( both trainers and learners) to use new technologies for appropriate and individualised teaching and learning, when the new methodologies have positive effects in the learning effectiveness
  • create awareness about the advantages of web based and mobile learning methods for trainers and learners
  • get adult trainers and learners familiar with podcasts and SMS learning, with using a wiki and consult and create a website
  • learn from each others’ expertise thanks to our complementarities; improve the partners’ knowledge thanks to a synergetic collaboration during the project
  • enhance European collaboration, European citizenship by transnational mobility’s to discover each other’s cultural, historical, economical and political situation
  • learn to speak each others languages
  • stimulate tolerance in Europe by discovering and understanding each others’ situation, by learning to have empathy
  • open our centres to more and closer European contacts and cross pollination, an added value, promote LLL in our centres and promote foreign contacts and trainings, exchange knowledge and good practice examples,
  • involve the participant’s regions by inviting associated partners to work out the project activities
  • spread the project ideas about LLL by organising dissemination moments, by developing our website and publish our learning and study results
  • organise a workshop to disseminate our findings and to convince new trainers to use SMS learning and podcasts in the learning process
  • create this community website that can be consulted by all interested persons
  • create a wiki to share our results and stimulate others to complete it with good practice examples