Using Technology for Virtual Negotiation and Peace

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Technology for Peace

The ICONS project was coordinated by Dr. Hrach Gregorian of the Institute for World Affairs.

Formal Project Description
Contract Title Using Technology for Virtual Negotiation and Peace
Donor United States Institute of Peace
Lead Partner Institute of World Affairs
Partners Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
Cyber Cafe North Nicosia
Cost of Action $25,000
Grant $25,000
Cost for FWC $25,000
Grant for FWC $25,000
Dates 99/05/1998 - 99/07/1998

About Project Technology for Peace
Overall objective(s)
To permit at least internet-based communication between the peace builders of Cyprus whose work has been abruptly interrupted in Dec 1997 by the ban of meeting imposed by the Turkish Government.
Specific objective(s)
Set-up two peace cyber cafes, one in the South and one in the North of Nicosia, to allow peace builders from both sides to communicate.