Uwe Windhorst

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Uwe Windhorst
Uwe Windhorst
Years of service 1992 - today
Service type Founding Board Member
Previous Key Posts Professor of Physiology at University of Göttingen, University of Calgary and University of Karolinska
Degree(s) MD, PhD, Approbation B
Field(s) of Study Medicine
University(ies) University of Göttingen
Specialization(s) Systems Neurophysiology
Notable Achievements Awarded the title Distinguished Professor in 1987
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Relation to Future Worlds Center

Uwe Windhorst was a Founding Member for the establishment of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and served as Member of the Board between 1991 and 1999, and between 2000-present as member of the International Advisory Board.

Launching the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute

The Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute was launched following an international symposium co-organized by Uwe Windhorst, Jestus Meyer-Lohman, Hans-Dietrich Henatsch[1], and Yiannis Laouris in 1988. The Symposium Perspectives in Motor Control aimed to bring together a small number (25) of international experts in the field of Motor Control to discuss hot issues in the field. The symposium was supported by the president of Cyprus, Mr. Spyros Kyprianou (provided CY pounds 10,000), the Cyprus Airways (provided 10 tickets), business entrepreneur and developer Mr. Michael Leptos (provided dinners) and the Bishop of Paphos Chrysostomos (provided Gala Dinner). The symposium was so successful that the key organizers, and especially Uwe Windhorst, Douglas G. Stuart and Yiannis Laouris, strategized and supported the founding of a research institution in Cyprus with the name Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute.


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