Yiola Papadopoulou

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Yiola Papadopoulou
Yiola Papadopoulou
Title Part-time researcher, Project Coordinator
Key Project(s) MobLang,
SteLLLa: The Stimulation of eLearning for Life Long Learning for Adults
Degree(s) Master’s in ICT
University(ies) University of Lancaster

Mrs. Yiola Papadopoulou collaborates with the research team of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute since 2003. She was then appointed as part-time researcher. She joined the team at the New Media Lab, which explores the integration of new technologies in the educational context. More recently, our focus has been on how mobile technologies could complement distant learning scenarios.

In March 2006, Yiola applied for funding for a Socrates Grundtvig II project. Her role in the preparation of the application was instrumental. Since then, the group has received funding for:

Yiola has also been instrumental in securing the participation of the University in Cyprus, Language Centre in the MobLang project. She was assigned to be the link between the University and the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute. She also participated in the 2nd International SDDP Facilitators Training School.

Short bio

Mrs. Papadopoulou completed her Master’s degree in ICT with the University of Lancaster in 2001. She then joined as English Instructir the University of Cyprus Language Centre.


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