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Full-time staff

NAME TITLE Dr. Yiannis Laouris President Elia Petridou Project Coordinator: HasNa Project Larry Fergeson Visiting Scientist, From Portland State University (6 months). Project Coordinator: Technology For Peace Kerstin Wittig Visiting Scientist, From Germany (6 months). Assistant Coordinator: Media Project. Astrid Bluemlein Visiting Scientist, Leonardo Exchange (4 months). Assistant Coordinator: for Media Project Jenine Alexander Visiting Scientist. Project Coordinator: Youth Section Tonia Loizidou Administrator Corina Drousiotou Legal Advisor Olivia Marangou Legal Advisor Maria Avraamidou Legal Advisor Vipar Uthenpong IT Expert Reinhard Eckert Project Coordinator Christos XenophontosResearch Assistant Anda Argyropoulou Social Worker Jennifer Baldassari Administrator URVT

Part-time staff and external associates

NAME TITLE Panayiota Shiakalli Research Associate Christane El-Haddad Research Associate in Special Education Unit Rebecca A. Brubaker Visiting Scientist (4 months) from Swarthmore College, USA Xenia Constantinou Project Coordinator: BiblioForMeda Project Tatjana Taraszow Visiting Scientist (2 months) Julia Wahl Visiting Scientist (2 months) Loredana Mihalca Visiting Scientist (3 months) Mary Olin Visiting Scientist (3 months) Matthew Pfeiffer Visiting Scientist (3 months) Ilaria Cardascia Communications Officer Dr Elias Papadopoulos Medical Director Dr. Harry Anastasiou Senior Research Scientist Dr. Nikleia Nicodemou Research Associate in Mobile Learning Unit Prof. Peter Gerjets Visiting Research Professor Prof. Gary Gumpert Visiting Professor of Communications Dr. Timotheos Papadopoullos Assistant Professor of Psychology Prof. Suzan Drucker Visiting Professor of Journalism/ Mass Media Studies Yiola Papadopoullou Research Associate in Mobile Learning Unit Larry Fergeson Research Associate